Pompon and Ball Dahlia Tubers

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Pompon Dahlias are similar in shape to the Ball Dahlias but tend to be rounder with inward curving petals. Ball Dahlias are fully double and the top looks a little flattened with petals are arranged in a spiral pattern. This is a smaller variety and they bloom from July to October.

Ball Dahlia Tubers and Pompon Dahlias (or Pompom dahlias) are small, tightly formed flower heads. Ball Dahlias are the larger of the two, pompon dahlias will produce a lot of small flowers around 5cm in  diameter. If you love geometry these little flowers exhibit perfect patterns with their near circular florets carefully radiating from the centre of the dahlia flower. 

How to plant Ball and Pompon dahlia tubers

  • Choose a sunny location with well-drained soil for planting ball dahlia tubers. These sun-loving beauties thrive in full sunlight, so select a spot that receives at least 6 hours of direct sunlight.
  • Plant the tubers with the stem, or growing point, facing upward. Bury them about 15 cm deep, allowing sufficient space between tubers to accommodate their mature size.
  • Enrich the soil with organic matter to promote fertility and drainage. Ball & pompon dahlias prefer slightly acidic to neutral soil, but they will happily cope in most soil types.
  • Keep the soil consistently moist but not waterlogged. Water deeply, especially during dry spells, to encourage robust root development.

How to care for your Ball and Pompon dahlias

  • Apply a balanced fertilizer when the plants are 15 cm tall and again in mid-summer. 
  • Pinch the growing tips when the plants reach 30 cm in height. This encourages bushier growth and more flower production.
  • As ball dahlias grow, provide sturdy stakes or cages to support their height and prevent flopping. Install supports early to avoid disturbing the tubers.
  • Remove spent flowers regularly to promote continuous blooming. This also directs the plant's energy into producing new buds.

Can Ball Dahlia Tubers be grown in containers?

Yes, ball dahlias can thrive in containers. Use a well-draining potting mix, and choose a container with sufficient depth to accommodate their growth. You will need a very large pot to keep the soil moisdture consistant.

When is the best time to plant Ball Dahlia Tubers?

Plant tubers in the spring after the last frost date. This allows them to establish and produce stunning blooms throughout the growing season. You can also plant them in small pots and start them early in a green house.

Can I save tubers for the next year?

Although not frost hardy, you can save all dahlia tubers for the next year. Lift and store them in a cool, dry place after the first frost, and replant in the following spring. Watch the video below

Why you should order your dahlias tubers from Peter Nyssen

  • We are a friendly, family run business with more than 60 years experience
  • We have over 250 dahlia varieties in stock
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For guidance on how to get the best from your dahlia tubers, refer to our detailed planting guide. Take a look at our wider range of bulbs to plant in spring for the ultimate selection. For help and advice, email our team at [email protected]



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