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The single flowering dahlia is in a different class to the decorative and flamboyant dahlias. Simple flowers, open centred with 1 or 2 rows of ray florets. The flowers are not heavy and can be supported on thin long stems. This makes them ideal for cutting.

Not only that, but the dahlia tuber can support a lot of flowers all at once. These flowers will appear from mid summer fright up to the first frosts.

Standout single dahlias to try are

Dark Leaved dahlias such as

Bishop of Llandaff

Bishop of Oxford

Or Happy Single varieties such as

HS Party

HS Princess

How to grow single flowering dahlias

  • Choose a sunny location with well-drained soil for planting Single Dahlia Tubers. These sun-worshipping blooms thrive in full sunlight, ensuring a dazzling display.
  • Plant the tubers with the stem facing upwards, about 15 cm deep. Give each tuber ample space to allow for their mature size and graceful growth.
  • Enrich the soil with organic matter for fertility and good drainage. Single Dahlias prefer slightly acidic to neutral soil, so amend accordingly for optimal results.
  • Maintain consistent moisture in the soil without allowing it to become waterlogged. Deep watering is essential, especially during dry spells, to support robust root development.

Dahlia seeds and propagating

You can grow dahlias from seed, you can take cuttings and you can divide the dahlia tuber to produce more flowers. See here

The regenerative powers of these plants is remarkable. A cutting will develop in time to produce flowers in the first year. Damage can be easily cut back and new growth will reappear.

Pruning Dahlias

It is positively encouraged to trim your dahlias to produce new flowers. Remove the first buds and you will be rewarded by many more. Especially single flowering dahlias, which produce an abundant source of colour in your garden.

Always deadhead your dying flowers and keep the stems to a maximum of 7-9 stems. Heavier dahlias will want 3-5 stems. 

Growing dahlias in pots

It is always a good idea to start your dahlias in small pots whilst the spring frosts are likely to damage any new growth. Plant them in compost to start roots and shoots, and store in a frost free place like a greenhouse or cold store. You can plant them out in April.

It is possible to grow single flowering dahlias in large pots. Make sure they are well watered and well anchored. In our experience the tubers will often perform better in beds. These dahlias will make a great thick bush and can be planted in large groups for a dense border.  However, dahlia do like a lot of space and don't like competition so plant them at least 40-50cm apart. 

When is the best time to plant Single Dahlia Tubers?

Plant tubers in the spring after the last frost date, allowing them to establish and bloom throughout the growing season. Find a variety of single dahlias for your garden at

How do I store Single Dahlia Tubers for the next year?

Lift the tubers after the first frost, cut back the stem to 15cm. Let the soil dry out which makes it easier to clean up the dahlia tube. Then store them in a cool, dry place, and replant in the spring for a renewed display of single dahlias. Read how to lift dahlias here.

Are Single Dahlias suitable for cutting gardens?

Single dahlias are perhaps the best dahlia for cutting. Their lightweight heads and powerful colours are very versatile. You may even get 3-4 flowers on one stem. 

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