Children's "The Magician" Collection

The bright colours of this lovely children's bulb collection shine like magic tricks.

25 Chionodoxa Forbesii
10 Narcissi Jetfire
10 Tulipa Turkestanica.
10 Allium Purple Sensation

55 bulbs in total.

Autumn Planting (Spring Flowering) bulbs are not available at present. They can be ordered from Mid May. In the meantime, why not add your favourites to your wishlist ready to transfer to your shopping basket later?

This product is sold in 1s.

  • Month of Blooming March (Early), March (Late), April (Early), April (Late)
    Delivery From end August

Pictured <a href="/turkestanica.html">Tulipa Turkestanica</a>

  • Narcissus Jetfire
  • <a href="/turkestanica.html">Tulipa Turkestanica</a>