Tulip Green Dance

Green Dance (Green Triumphator) This fabulous new variety is greenish yellow fading to antique ivory white with green feathering. We are delighted to be the first to offer this fabulous lily tulip. We suggest mixing it with purple, pink and white tulips for a glorious spring statement. 

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  • Tulip bulbs are easy to grow with a fabulous range of colours and shapes. Planted in the autumn they will reward you in the spring with a wonderful display. Here at Peter Nyssen we offer a wide range of tulips for every part of the garden. Indulge in everything from eye catching patio pots or sweeping drifts for the largest gardens.
    Colour Cream, Green, Yellow
    Month of Blooming April (Late), May (Early)
    Planting Time Autumn, Winter
    Height 45 cm
    Special Features Good for Cut Flowers
    Garden Position Sun
    Type of Soil Fertile, Well Drained
    Hardiness Hardy
    Delivery From end August
  • Tulips should not be planted until the ground is cold preferably from end of October to early December.  It is advisable to store the bulbs in a cool place with air circulation until ready for planting.

    Plant tulips in fertile; well-drained soil in full sun as they dislike excessively wet conditions you can apply general fertiliser like blood, fish and bone at planting.  Dwarf Tulips like Tulipa, Kaufmanniana and Greigii prefer gritty soils. When the Tulips are around 15-20cm high feed every couple of weeks with high potash fertiliser like Tomato fertiliser, until they start to flower then you can stop feeding.

    Once they finish flowering dead head as soon as possible to prevent the seeds maturing, if the seeds are left it will affect the flower production for the following year. Darwin Hybrid, Tulipa, Kaufmanniana and Greigii varieties can be left in the ground for a few years. For other varieties once the leaves have died down after around eight weeks; lift and clean; remove the offsets allowing the bulbs to ripen in a shed or greenhouse, you can store them in sacks or old tights which will help to provide the air circulation they need, you can replant the larger bulbs the following autumn, smaller offsets can be planted in a nursery bed to mature.

    Bulb rot may affect tulips planted in poorly drained soil. Aphids can carry virus from variety to variety. Plant tulips around 15 cm deep allowing around 50-60 per square meter

Tulip Green Dance

  • Tulip Green Dance
  • Tulip Green Dance
  • Tulip Green Dance
  • Tulip Green Dance

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