Crocuses (Autumn flowering)

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  1. Colchicum Autumnale Alboplenum Alba
    Colchicum Autumnale Alboplenum Alba
    • £9.60 for 3
    • £34.80 for 12
  2. Colchicum Autumnale Album
    Colchicum Autumnale Album
    • £8.40 for 3
    • £30.00 for 12
  3. Colchicum Autumnale Major (Byzantinum)
    Colchicum Autumnale Major (Byzantinum)
    • £7.20 for 3
    • £25.20 for 12
  4. Colchicum Speciosum
    Colchicum Speciosum
    • £8.40 for 3
    • £30.00 for 12
  5. Colchicum The Giant
    Colchicum The Giant
    • £6.90 for 3
    • £24.00 for 12
  6. Colchicum Waterlily
    Colchicum Waterlily
    • £9.60 for 3
    • £34.80 for 12
  7. Crocus Pulchellus
    Crocus Pulchellus
    • £5.50 for 25
    • £50.00 for 250
  8. Crocus Sativus (Saffron Crocus)
    Crocus Sativus (Saffron Crocus)
    • £6.00 for 25
    • £55.00 for 250
  9. Crocus Speciosus
    Crocus Speciosus
    • £4.25 for 25
    • £37.50 for 250
  10. Crocus Speciosus Albus
    Crocus Speciosus Albus
    • £7.50 for 25
    • £70.00 for 250
  11. Crocus Speciosus Cassiope
    Crocus Speciosus Cassiope
    • £5.50 for 25
    • £50.00 for 250
  12. Crocus Speciosus Conqueror
    Crocus Speciosus Conqueror
    • £4.25 for 25
    • £37.50 for 250
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14 Items

Set Descending Direction

Autumn Flowering Crocuses

Autumn flowering crocuses give a boost to the fading autumn garden. When colours leach from the cooling earth, autumn crocuses provide that special something.

Their colours range from the pure white of the Colchicum Autumnale Album through to the soft lilac of the Colchicum Speciosum and deep purple of the Colchicum The Giant.

For the ardent cook in the house growing your own saffron, gathered from the stamen of the crocus sativis is a truly satisfying autumn harvest. Care should be taken when handling colchicum as contact with skin can cause some irritation. The autumn crocus bulbs themselves are toxic and should not be eaten.

When to Plant Autumn Flowering Crocuses

Autumn flowering crocuses should be planted in late summer or early September and bloom from September. Generally, crocuses are short lasting plants and will fade within two to three weeks, but will lie dormant until the spring when their leaves will appear and remain until the following autumn when they will flower again.

Where to Plant Autumn Flowering Crocuses

The flowers of crocuses are delicate so should be protected. Try planting them underneath low lying plants or even in the lawn to provide the best protection against the elements. The autumn crocus grows in a wide variety of sites from full sun to partial shade.

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