Browse by Colour

Using a variety of our glorious flower bulbs and plants, you can design your garden in your own hand-picked pallet.

Try using one of the colour combining techniques below to help you choose the perfect colour scheme for your garden.

Complementary colours (ie: purple with yellow, red with green, orange with blue) create wonderful contrast, which has the effect of intensifying each colour.

Monochromatic colours schemes use hues of the same colour such as blue, lilac and lavender. The monochromatic effect is often a very calm appearance.

Blending colours are next to each other on our colour picker such as red, orange and yellow. These together provide a harmonious mix that offers a little more contrast than a monochromatic scheme.

To help you design your perfect garden, we've created this simple colour picker. Each spoke on the wheel is linked to our range for the current season’s products that will flower in your chosen colour.

Colour Wheel yellow cream apricot bronze orange salmon red burgundy purple magenta pink lilac lavender blue white black dark-green green