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  1. Crocosmia Lucifer Bulb
    Crocosmia Lucifer Bulb
    • £5.75 for 25
    • £52.50 for 250
  2. Digitalis Snow Thimble
    Digitalis Snow Thimble
    • £9.00 for 3
    • £137.70 for 51
  3. Lamprocapnos (Dicentra Spectabillis)  Pink-White
  4. Lilium African Queen Bulb
    Lilium African Queen Bulb
    • £11.50 for 5
    • £105.00 for 50
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4 Items

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Historic bulbs

Gone are the days of the flower hunters, adventurers on a mission to find exotic and curious plants that will bring them fame and fortune. There's little chance that Tulip Fever will ever strike again, producing the most expensive and famous tulip in history ‘Sempre Augustus’.

Bulbs have a long and interesting history. Aside from our native flowers, each bulb and plant has a story to tell about how it arrived in Europe and came to settle in your garden. 

However, many varieties don't stand the test of time. Some species can only be cultivated commercially for a number of years, whereas others might last 50 years. But none of them will last forever. Breeding from the same stock will eventually incorporate complications which make the yield smaller and smaller until there isn't enough for the farmers to replant. 

Modern Classics

Many of the flower bulbs you grow today have been cultivated for disease free properties, to make stronger and more durable flowers. 

Still, there are some varieties that have stood the test of time. In this selection of Heirloom bulbs we have our very oldest bulbs. A truly remarkable group, with some of the finest examples of flowers we have on offer. 

What is an Heirloom Bulb?

Generally speaking they are bulbs that have been classified before 1950. 

Native bulbs will also be considered heirloom bulbs




Pseudo Narcissus 



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