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  1. Narcissus Carlton Bulb
    Narcissus Carlton Bulb
    • £4.00 for 10
    • £15.00 for 50
    • £70.00 for 250
    Sale £0.38 Was £0.40 From
    £0.28 per bulb
  2. Narcissus Chromacolour
    Narcissus Chromacolour
    • £6.20 for 10
    • £26.00 for 50
    • £125.00 for 250
  3. Narcissus Cool Flame
    Narcissus Cool Flame
    • £6.20 for 10
    • £26.00 for 50
    • £125.00 for 250
  4. Narcissus Dutch Master Bulb
    Narcissus Dutch Master Bulb
    • £3.90 for 10
    • £14.50 for 50
    • £67.50 for 250
  5. Narcissus Hungarian Rhapsody
    Narcissus Hungarian Rhapsody
    • £6.20 for 10
    • £26.00 for 50
    • £125.00 for 250
  6. Narcissus Mando Bulb
    Narcissus Mando Bulb
    • £3.90 for 10
    • £14.50 for 50
    • £67.50 for 250
  7. Narcissus Mixture
    Narcissus Mixture
    • £4.20 for 10
    • £16.00 for 50
    • £75.00 for 250
  8. Narcissus Skype
    Narcissus Skype
    • £5.50 for 10
    • £22.50 for 50
    • £107.50 for 250
  9. Narcissus Snipe
    Narcissus Snipe
    • £6.20 for 10
    • £26.00 for 50
    • £125.00 for 250
    Sale £0.59 Was £0.62 From
    £0.50 per bulb
  10. Narcissus Sophie Girl
    Narcissus Sophie Girl
    • £5.30 for 10
    • £21.50 for 50
    • £102.50 for 250
  11. Narcissus Tahiti 10/12 cm Bulb
    Narcissus Tahiti 10/12 cm Bulb
    • £4.90 for 10
    • £19.50 for 50
    • £92.50 for 250
  12. Narcissus Tamara Bulb
    Narcissus Tamara Bulb
    • £3.80 for 10
    • £14.00 for 50
    • £65.00 for 250
  13. Narcissus Tete Boucle Bulb
    Narcissus Tete Boucle Bulb
    • £4.80 for 10
    • £19.00 for 50
    • £90.00 for 250
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Items 1-32 of 104

Set Descending Direction

Daffodil & Narcissi Bulbs

Is it Narcissus or Daffodil?

Daffodil is just the common name for Narcissus. Generally the tern daffodil is used more commonly to describe the larger trumpet varieties. 

Daffodils and narcissus, both belonging to the Amaryllidaceae family, are top contenders for adding bold colours to your spring garden. With their stunning yellow flowers, daffodils and narcissus flower bulbs create a picturesque display that can enhance any landscape. Whether you're an experienced gardener or just starting out, this autumn planting bulb is a beautiful, low maintenance addition to any garden.

Incorporating daffodils and narcissus into your garden design is not limited to flower beds alone. These versatile flower bulbs can also be planted in containers, along walkways, or even indoors. Shop our range of daffodil and narcissus bulbs today to watch your spring garden bloom.

Daffodils and narcissus varieties

All of our daffodil and narcissus bulbs for sale are grown in the Netherlands to give you a wide selection of varieties to choose from, including:

  • Miniature narcissus: A small bulb variety offering a huge range of flowers in some of the most exquisite forms.
  • Ice Follies: A popular variety of narcissi bulbs, Ice Follies boasts large, creamy-white petals and a frilly, pale-yellow cup that fades to white as it matures.
  • Tete a Tete: This mini daffodil is a favorite among gardeners for its charming, buttercup-yellow flowers that brighten up borders and patio pots.
  • Pink Charm: As the name suggests, this daffodil variety features a white perianth and a large, bowl-shaped cup in an eye-catching pink.
  • Mount Hood: This is a classic narcissus with immaculate, trumpet-shaped flowers in pure white. It's a late bloomer that adds elegance to any setting.


Why you should order your daffodils and narcissus bulbs online from Peter Nyssen

  • Amazing variety: An extensive range of both daffodil and narcissus bulb varieties in a wide array of colours, including shades of yellow, white and even pink. The variety of daffodil cultivars available means there's a perfect choice for every gardener's preference.
  • Quality: Peter Nyssen ensures the highest quality daffodil and narcissus bulbs. Each bulb is carefully selected and inspected to ensure it is disease-free and ready to bloom in your garden.
  • Easy to grow: One of the key benefits of planting daffodils and narcissus bulbs is their low maintenance requirements and ability to adapt to various climates. Once planted, these bulbs will multiply and come back year after year. Additionally, they are largely resistant to pests and diseases.
  • Convenience: You can order your daffodil and narcissus bulbs from the comfort of your home, at any time.
  • Delivery: Peter Nyssen delivers directly to your doorstep, saving you the effort of carrying heavy bags of bulbs.
  • Expert Advice: Peter Nyssen offers expert gardening advice and insights, helping you choose the right bulbs for your garden conditions and ambitions.

Browse our collection of daffodils and narcissus bulbs today to transform any space, whether it be indoors or outdoors. For more guidance on how to get the best from your flowers, take a look at our how to plant daffodils and narcissi guide.

How to plant daffodil and narcissus bulbs

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