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  1. Agapanthus Twister
    Agapanthus Twister
    • £7.00 for 1
    • £341.70 for 51
  2. Amaryllis Belladonna
    Amaryllis Belladonna
    • £3.50 for 1
    • £32.00 for 10
  3. Baptisia Dutch Chocolate
    Baptisia Dutch Chocolate
    • £7.80 for 1
    • £382.50 for 51
  4. Crinum Powellii Album Bulb
    Crinum Powellii Album Bulb
    • £5.00 for 1
    • £45.00 for 10
  5. Dahlia Cafe au Lait Twist
    Dahlia Cafe au Lait Twist
    • £3.80 for 1
    • £35.00 for 10
  6. Dahlia Little Swan
    Dahlia Little Swan
    • £3.80 for 1
    • £35.00 for 10
  7. Gloriosa Rothschildiana Bulb
    Gloriosa Rothschildiana Bulb
    • £3.00 for 1
    • £25.00 for 10
  8. Hippeastrum Colibri Balentino
    Hippeastrum Colibri Balentino
    • £4.50 for 1
    • £40.00 for 10
  9. Hymenocallis Festalis (Ismene) Bulb
    Hymenocallis Festalis (Ismene) Bulb
    • £5.00 for 5
    • £40.00 for 50
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12 Items

Set Descending Direction

Exclusive, rare and limited flower bulbs

This selection of bulbs are some of the most sought after bulbs we have available. 

If you are looking for statement pieces for your garden or bold accents for a focal point, these grand flowers will do just that. Incredible blooms on long and elegant stems or bold and rare colours. 

Plant as you would any other bulb. They might cost a bit more but they don’t necessarily need any extra care. You might want to look after them through the winter months by adding extra mulch. 

Why buy bigger bulbs?

The bigger the bulb the more food and nutrients the flower will have to get started. This results in a bigger, longer lasting flower. Some flower bulbs require a lot of energy to create a full head of flowers. 

Alliums are made up of hundreds of tiny flowers. Decorative tulips such as double flowering or multi headed tulips need that extra boost to produce so many petals.

Bigger is always better. 





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