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  1. Allium Aflatunense (Hollandicum) Bulb
    Allium Aflatunense (Hollandicum) Bulb
    • £5.00 for 10
    • £20.00 for 50
  2. Allium Ambassador
    Allium Ambassador
    • £4.90 for 1
    • £46.00 for 10
  3. Allium Amethystinum Forelock
    Allium Amethystinum Forelock
    • £7.20 for 3
    • £25.20 for 12
  4. Allium Amethystinum Red Mohican Bulb
    Allium Amethystinum Red Mohican Bulb
    • £5.25 for 3
    • £17.40 for 12
  5. Allium Ampeloprasum Ping Pong
    Allium Ampeloprasum Ping Pong
    • £3.75 for 25
    • £25.00 for 250
  6. Allium Amplectens Graceful Beauty Bulb
    Allium Amplectens Graceful Beauty Bulb
    • £5.00 for 10
    • £20.00 for 50
  7. Allium Atropurpureum Bulb
    Allium Atropurpureum Bulb
    • £4.50 for 10
    • £17.50 for 50
  8. Allium Caeruleum (Azureum) Bulb
    Allium Caeruleum (Azureum) Bulb
    • £3.75 for 25
    • £25.00 for 250
  9. Allium Cernuum Bulb
    Allium Cernuum Bulb
    • £7.50 for 10
    • £32.50 for 50
    Sale £0.71 Was £0.75 From
    £0.65 per bulb
  10. Allium Cowanii Bulb
    Allium Cowanii Bulb
    • £2.25 for 25
    • £17.50 for 250
  11. Allium Cristophii (Albopilosum) Bulb
    Allium Cristophii (Albopilosum) Bulb
    • £5.90 for 10
    • £24.50 for 50
  12. Allium Flavum Bulb
    Allium Flavum Bulb
    • £6.90 for 10
    • £29.50 for 50
  13. Allium Giant Mixture
    Allium Giant Mixture
    • £6.60 for 3
    • £22.80 for 12
  14. Allium Giganteum Bulb
    Allium Giganteum Bulb
    • £4.80 for 1
    • £45.00 for 10
  15. Allium Gladiator Bulb
    Allium Gladiator Bulb
    • £5.85 for 3
    • £22.20 for 12
  16. Allium Gladiator Sensation
    Allium Gladiator Sensation
    • £3.00 for 1
    • £33.60 for 12
  17. Allium Globemaster ® Bulb
    Allium Globemaster ® Bulb
    • £4.50 for 1
    • £42.00 for 10
  18. Allium Karataviense Bulb
    Allium Karataviense Bulb
    • £7.10 for 10
    • £30.50 for 50
  19. Allium Miami
    Allium Miami
    • £5.00 for 10
    • £20.00 for 50
  20. Allium Millennium Bulb
    Allium Millennium Bulb
    • £9.51 for 3
    • £34.44 for 12
  21. Allium Moly Jeannine Bulb
    Allium Moly Jeannine Bulb
    • £2.75 for 25
    • £22.50 for 250
  22. Allium Mount Everest (Stipitatum) Bulb
    Allium Mount Everest (Stipitatum) Bulb
    • £8.40 for 3
    • £31.20 for 12
  23. Allium Nectaroscordum Siculum Bulb
    Allium Nectaroscordum Siculum Bulb
    • £4.80 for 10
    • £19.00 for 50
  24. Allium Nectaroscordum Tripedale Bulb
    Allium Nectaroscordum Tripedale Bulb
    • £12.00 for 1
    • £55.00 for 5
  25. Allium New York
    Allium New York
    • £6.00 for 10
    • £25.00 for 50
  26. Allium Nigrum (MultiBulbosum) Bulb
    Allium Nigrum (MultiBulbosum) Bulb
    • £4.80 for 10
    • £19.00 for 50
  27. Allium Ostara
    Allium Ostara
    • £5.70 for 3
    • £20.40 for 12
  28. Allium Party Balloons
    Allium Party Balloons
    • £7.50 for 3
    • £27.60 for 12
  29. Allium Pinball Wizard
    Allium Pinball Wizard
    • £10.20 for 3
    • £38.40 for 12
  30. Allium Purple Sensation (Hollandicum) Bulb
  31. Allium Roseum Bulb
    Allium Roseum Bulb
    • £3.75 for 25
    • £32.50 for 250
  32. Allium Round and Purple
    Allium Round and Purple
    • £5.90 for 1
    • £56.00 for 10
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Items 1-32 of 44

Set Descending Direction

Alliums, also known as ornamental onions, are commonly known for their stunning and unique blooms that rise in late spring. They come in a wide range of colours, shapes and sizes, making them a versatile option for any garden.

Choosing your allium bulbs

At Peter Nyssen, we offer a diverse selection of low-maintenance allium bulbs to suit your preferences. From the magnificent star-studded purple heads of allium purple sensation to the sunny yellow blooms of allium yellow fantasy, our collection of dazzling allium bulbs includes something for new gardeners and landscaping professionals.

Stephen’s allium bulb top picks

Stephen Teeuw is the 3rd generation of his family to work in the flower bulb industry; he grows hundreds of varieties of new bulbs each year. There are over 700 species of allium bulbs, ranging from small and delicate to tall and dramatic. Here are Stephen’s top picks:

  • Allium Christophii: Also known as the star of Persia, this variety has large globes made up of hundreds of small purple flowers. They can reach a height of up to 2 feet, making them a standout in any garden.
  • Allium Moly: These vibrant yellow flowers are perfect for adding a pop of colour to your garden. They bloom in late spring and grow up to 12 inches tall.
  • Allium Giganteum: As the name suggests, this variety can reach heights of up to 6 feet. With their large, globe-shaped blooms in shades of pink and purple, they are a showstopper in any garden.

When to plant allium bulbs

To ensure optimal growth, it's important to plant allium bulbs in the best possible condition for them to thrive, these include:

  • Plant allium bulbs from September to mid-November, with an acceptable planting period extending until mid-December, weather permitting.
  • Choose a sheltered spot with well-draining soil and ample sunlight for your allium bulbs. Their tall flowers will stand proudly, unaffected by strong winds.
  • Remember, alliums belong to the onion family and appreciate sunlit conditions.
  • Prior to planting, loosen the soil and mix in compost or well-rotted manure to enrich the soil and improve drainage.
  • Water the bulbs thoroughly after planting. Ensure the soil remains slightly moist but not waterlogged throughout the growing season.
  • Apply a balanced fertiliser in early spring as the shoots start to emerge to support healthy growth and vibrant blooms.

How many allium bulbs should I plant together?

  • Giant alliums need lots of room and sun to grow. You can plant them at least 15-20 cm apart and 15cm deep
  • Medium-sized alliums like Purple Sensation can be planted 10cm deep and 10cm apart.
  • Small alliums such as Drumsticks can be planted close together, 5-8 cm deep and 5cm apart.

Tips for growing alliums

Although alliums are easy to grow, there are some factors that you should consider when growing these striking flowers, such as:

  • Allium bulbs can stunt the growth of beans and peas – don't plant them too close together.
  • Allium leaves are often very large and can suffocate smaller plants too close – make sure you give them lots of room.
  • As allium flowers begin to grow, foliage will begin to die. It is best to plant alliums behind smaller plants such as hostas to hide the dying leaves.
  • It is better to plant large alliums in beds, not pots.
  • Consider planting allium bulbs alongside companion plants that can complement their growth, such as other spring-flowering bulbs or low-growing perennials.
  • Allow the foliage to die back naturally after flowering, as this helps the bulbs store energy for the next growing season.

How to grow allium bulbs

Why choose Peter Nyssen bulbs?

  • We are a friendly, family-run business with more than 60 years of experience
  • We offer bulk prices and free delivery for orders over £100
  • We supply flower bulbs in quantities large and small, for all types of gardeners from the cottage potterer to the professional landscaper 
  • With a range of colours and varieties available, you'll be spoilt for choice.


How long do allium bulbs take to bloom after planting?

Allium bulbs typically bloom in late spring to early summer, depending on the variety. After planting in autumn, you can expect to see their stunning flowers approximately 6-8 months later.

Can allium bulbs be grown in containers?

Yes, many allium varieties can be grown in containers. However, it's important to choose a large enough pot with good drainage and to use a well-draining soil mix. Large varieties like Allium Giganteum may be better suited to garden beds due to their size.

Are alliums deer-resistant?

Yes, alliums are generally deer-resistant. Their onion-like scent and taste make them unappealing to deer and other garden pests, making them a great choice for gardens prone to wildlife interference.

How do I divide allium bulbs?

Allium bulbs can be divided every few years to prevent overcrowding. The best time to divide them is in the fall after the foliage has died back. Carefully lift the bulbs, separate the offsets, and replant them at the same depth as they were originally growing.

What should I do if my allium bulbs don’t bloom?

If your allium bulbs don’t bloom, it could be due to several factors: insufficient sunlight, poor soil drainage, overcrowding, or inadequate fertilisation. Ensure they are planted in a sunny spot with well-draining soil, and consider applying a balanced fertiliser in early spring. If the bulbs are overcrowded, divide and replant them to give each bulb enough space to thrive.

Need more help?

With the right planting time and location, these stunning flowers will thrive and add colour and interest to your outdoor space. So why not give them a try in your own garden? 

Browse our collection of allium bulbs now or for help and advice, call our team on 0161 747 4000. For guidance on how to get the best from your alliums, take a look at our allium planting guide.

If you have any questions get in touch – we can advise on great colour combinations, how many bulbs you need and even landscape or trade enquiries. 

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