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Getting interested in Gardening.

Before the internet gardening tips were handed down from generation to generation, often from grandparents. Gardening with children can be a great bond but the appeal of hard labour vs. playing on a tablet can be difficult to win over.

It begins with nurturing a love of nature. Our younger generations are much more aware of their environmental impact. This can begin at home by cultivating the importance of growing a wildlife rich garden. 

It’s important to remember as a child how exciting it is to see a hedgehog in the garden, or watching tadpoles develop into frogs. Watching a butterfly hatch from a chrysalis, or simply feeding a bee some sugar water. Even seeing a Goldfinch for the first time at a bird feeder. 

Making the connection between wildlife and plants on a small scale can illustrate the bigger picture. Why is it important to grow things organically? Why must we preserve our green spaces? What can we do to improve the habitat for our local creatures. 

Above all, gardening needs to be fun. It might not provide immediate results. But believe us, the anticipation and build up will reap huge rewards.

It can be hard to garden with children. My lawn is like a football pitch, not to mention how many tall flower stems get broken in half by miss judged flying balls. Relinquishing control of your hard work and accepting these losses can be hard to do. In reality it’s only for a few years. Let them pick flowers, let them dig and let them explore as they need to. 

What should they plant? 

In this range we have chosen some easy flowers to grow. Your children will be protective over these flowers and begin to respect the garden. Dedicate a patch of the garden just for their own flower bed. 

Our selection of seeds can be started in the house on a window sill. 

Vegetables grown from home always tastes better straight from the vine. It might even encourage the ‘inner chef’. 

Wild flowers not only encourage bees and butterflies but a whole range of beetles, moths and bugs. Insects have their favourite plants to feed on. The more plants you can grow the more diverse the wildlife will become. Who knows what you will find?

Alliums, crocus and snowdrops are brilliant flowers for pollinators.

Strange and unusual bulbs like anemones are fun. Soak them in water first and see what happens!

If your children like drawing, plant some cyclamen or iris and they can explore the complex patterns and shapes these flowers form.


We’ve included some videos of ways to get your children involved in gardening. We’d love to hear your ideas. Send us your thoughts and we’ll give them a try. 


 As a child I remember being made to do the weeding. I didn’t enjoy that at all, and to this day I’d rather leave them until they become a problem!

I did however, enjoy digging in the mud. Finding worms, making ‘swamps’ for my toys and swishing branches like a sword. I guess I was easily entertained, but it doesn’t need to complicated. Children will find their own games. 

Tulip White MarvelTulip White Marvel

My son found a daffodil bulb and planted it in the most ridiculous place in the garden. 5 years later it is still appearing and he is very proud of it. 

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