Double Late Tulips

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  1. Tulip Akebono ® Bulb
    Tulip Akebono ® Bulb
    • £5.70 for 10
    • £23.50 for 50
    • £112.50 for 250
  2. Tulip Amazing Grace
    Tulip Amazing Grace
    • £6.50 for 10
    • £27.50 for 50
    • £132.50 for 250
  3. Tulip Amazing Image Mix
    Tulip Amazing Image Mix
    • £7.30 for 10
    • £31.50 for 50
    • £152.50 for 250
  4. Tulip Backpacker Bulb
    Tulip Backpacker Bulb
    • £5.20 for 10
    • £21.00 for 50
    • £100.00 for 250
  5. Tulip Black Hero ®
    Tulip Black Hero ®
    • £7.30 for 10
    • £31.50 for 50
    • £152.50 for 250
  6. Tulip Blue Diamond Bulb
    Tulip Blue Diamond Bulb
    • £4.80 for 10
    • £19.00 for 50
    • £90.00 for 250
  7. Tulip Brisbane
    Tulip Brisbane
    • £6.70 for 10
    • £28.50 for 50
    • £137.50 for 250
  8. Tulip Candy Time
    Tulip Candy Time
    • £5.50 for 10
    • £22.50 for 50
    • £107.50 for 250
  9. Tulip Canyon
    Tulip Canyon
    • £7.20 for 10
    • £31.00 for 50
    • £150.00 for 250
  10. Tulip Carnaval de Nice Bulb
    Tulip Carnaval de Nice Bulb
    • £5.70 for 10
    • £23.50 for 50
    • £112.50 for 250
  11. Tulip Charming Lady Bulb
    Tulip Charming Lady Bulb
    • £7.60 for 10
    • £33.00 for 50
    • £160.00 for 250
  12. Tulip Columbus Bulb
    Tulip Columbus Bulb
    • £5.80 for 10
    • £24.00 for 50
    • £115.00 for 250
  13. Tulip Copper Image
    Tulip Copper Image
    • £7.80 for 10
    • £34.00 for 50
    • £165.00 for 250
  14. Tulip Danceline
    Tulip Danceline
    • £7.80 for 10
    • £34.00 for 50
    • £165.00 for 250
  15. Tulip Dazzling Double Mix
    Tulip Dazzling Double Mix
    • £7.30 for 10
    • £31.50 for 50
    • £152.50 for 250
  16. Tulip Double Late Mixture
    Tulip Double Late Mixture
    • £5.00 for 10
    • £20.00 for 50
    • £95.00 for 250
  17. Tulip Double Shake
    Tulip Double Shake
    • £7.60 for 10
    • £33.00 for 50
    • £160.00 for 250
  18. Tulip Double Shirley Bulb
    Tulip Double Shirley Bulb
    • £6.70 for 10
    • £28.50 for 50
    • £137.50 for 250
  19. Tulip Double Sugar
    Tulip Double Sugar
    • £8.40 for 10
    • £37.00 for 50
    • £180.00 for 250
  20. Tulip Finola
    Tulip Finola
    • £5.70 for 10
    • £23.50 for 50
    • £112.50 for 250
  21. Tulip Gold Dust
    Tulip Gold Dust
    • £6.50 for 10
    • £27.50 for 50
    • £132.50 for 250
  22. Tulip Gudoshnik Double Bulb
    Tulip Gudoshnik Double Bulb
    • £5.60 for 10
    • £23.00 for 50
    • £110.00 for 250
  23. Tulip Katinka
    Tulip Katinka
    • £6.80 for 10
    • £29.00 for 50
    • £140.00 for 250
  24. Tulip Mount Tacoma
    Tulip Mount Tacoma
    • £5.70 for 10
    • £23.50 for 50
    • £112.50 for 250
  25. Tulip Oakheart
    Tulip Oakheart
    • £8.00 for 5
    • £70.00 for 50
  26. Tulip Orange Princess Bulb
    Tulip Orange Princess Bulb
    • £7.80 for 10
    • £34.00 for 50
    • £165.00 for 250
  27. Tulip Orca
    Tulip Orca
    • £7.70 for 10
    • £33.50 for 50
    • £162.50 for 250
  28. Tulip Pamplona Bulb
    Tulip Pamplona Bulb
    • £5.70 for 10
    • £23.50 for 50
    • £112.50 for 250
  29. Tulip Pink Size
    Tulip Pink Size
    • £7.50 for 10
    • £32.50 for 50
    • £157.50 for 250
  30. Tulip Princess Angelique
    Tulip Princess Angelique
    • £6.50 for 10
    • £27.50 for 50
    • £132.50 for 250
  31. Tulip Queen Jewel
    Tulip Queen Jewel
    • £7.40 for 10
    • £32.00 for 50
    • £155.00 for 250
    Not in Season
  32. Tulip Queensday
    Tulip Queensday
    • £6.80 for 10
    • £29.00 for 50
    • £140.00 for 250
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Items 1-32 of 48

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Double Late Tulips are also called peony tulips and have beautiful, bowl-shaped, double flowers that resemble peonies. The flowers can be up to 12 cm across and are exceptionally long-lasting in flower.

Although it isn't the largest category of tulips, a glance at the available double late tulip varieties will quickly confirm that they are excellent choices for creating a spectacular garden.

Why should you choose double late tulips?

Double late tulips, a true gardener's delight. Picture this: sumptuous, peony-like blooms gracing your garden with their opulent layers, each petal unfurling to reveal a tapestry of colour and texture. These tulips, often overlooked in favour of their more common cousins, bring a sense of drama and grandeur to any planting scheme.

What makes double late tulips so special? They can transform a spring garden into a veritable feast for the eyes. They bloom later in the season, extending the tulip season well into the warmer days of late spring. Their robust stems and lush, full blooms stand tall and proud, weathering the spring breezes with grace.

But it's not just their beauty that sets them apart. Double-late tulips are also wonderfully versatile. Whether you're planting en masse for a stunning border display, tucking them into containers for a patio surprise, or using them as striking cut flowers for your indoor arrangements, these tulips deliver on all fronts.

So, why choose double late tulips? Because they offer more than just a splash of colour; they bring a sense of luxury and elegance that can elevate your garden from the ordinary to the extraordinary. In the world of tulips, they are the grand finale—an unforgettable crescendo to the symphony of spring.

Stephen’s double late tulip bulb top picks

Stephen Teeuw is the 3rd generation of his family to work in the flower bulb industry; he grows hundreds of varieties of new bulbs each year. Here are the double late tulip bulbs that he would recommend you consider for your garden:

  • Orange Princess: A slightly earlier tulip and the double form of Princess Irene. A stout orange flower but brimming with a warm orange glow.
  • Finola: The closest replacement to the very popular Angelique, which is no longer grown. The greens and soft pinks make for a very photogenic tulip.
  • Copper Image: A rusty orange tulip to pair with purples or blacks. I enjoy it just as it is. 

How to plant double late tulip bulbs

Planting double late tulip bulbs is a simple pleasure that promises a glorious reward. Follow these steps, and you'll be well on your way to a spring display that would make any gardener proud.

Choose your site with care: Double late tulips thrive in well-drained soil and prefer a spot that enjoys full sun or partial shade. They are resilient and adaptable, but a little extra consideration in their placement can make all the difference.

Prepare your soil: Dig to a depth of about 30cm, loosening it well to ensure good drainage. Mix in some compost or well-rotted manure to enrich the soil, giving your tulip bulbs the best possible start.

Plant the bulbs: Place them about 15 cm deep, with the pointed end facing upwards. Space them around 10-15 cm apart to allow room for their spectacular blooms to flourish. Planting in clusters or groups will create a more natural and impactful display.

Water thoroughly: After planting, water the area thoroughly to settle the soil around the bulbs. As the autumn rains set in, nature will take care of much of the watering, but ensure the soil doesn't dry out completely during dry spells.

Add a light layer of mulch: This can be beneficial, helping to retain moisture and protect the bulbs from any severe winter weather. Come spring, as the ground begins to warm, your patience will be rewarded with a breathtaking show of double late tulips, each blooms a testament to your careful preparation.

Remember, the joy of gardening lies not just in the result but in the journey itself. Planting your double late tulip bulbs is a step towards creating a garden that brings beauty and happiness for many seasons to come.

Why choose Peter Nyssen bulbs?

  • We are a friendly, family-run business with more than 60 years of experience
  • We offer bulk prices and free delivery for orders over £100
  • We supply flower bulbs in quantities large and small, for all types of gardeners from the cottage potterer to the professional landscaper 
  • With a range of colours and varieties available, you'll be spoilt for choice.


Can double late tulips be planted in containers?

Yes, double late tulips can thrive in containers. Ensure the container has good drainage and is deep enough to accommodate the bulbs. Use high-quality potting mix and plant the bulbs at the same depth as you would in the ground. Containers can be moved to sunny spots to ensure the tulips get enough light.

How do I care for double late tulips after they have bloomed?

After blooming, allow the foliage to die back naturally. This process helps the bulbs store energy for the next season. Avoid cutting the leaves too early but remove the seed heads as soon as the flower has finished. Once the foliage has yellowed and withered, it can be removed. If you wish, you can lift and store the bulbs in a cool, dry place until autumn planting.

Are double late tulips susceptible to pests or diseases?

While double late tulips are generally hardy, they can be affected by diseases such as tulip fire or botrytis. Ensure good air circulation, avoid overcrowding, and practice crop rotation if planting in the same area yearly. If you notice any signs of disease, remove affected plants promptly to prevent spread.

Can I mix double late tulips with other flowers in my garden?

Absolutely! Double late tulips pair beautifully with a variety of other spring flowers. Consider planting them alongside late-blooming daffodils, alliums, or single late tulips for a dynamic and colourful display. Their lush blooms also complement perennials that start to emerge later in the spring.

How long do double late tulips bloom?

Double late tulips typically bloom for about two to three weeks, depending on the weather conditions. Cooler temperatures can extend the blooming period, while warmer conditions may shorten it. To enjoy a prolonged display, consider planting a mix of early, mid-, and late-season tulips in your garden.

Need more help?

For the best results, it’s essential to plant your tulip bulbs under optimal conditions. For tips on enhancing the beauty of your tulips, check out our detailed tulip planting guide.

Please contact us if you have any questions. We’re here to assist with recommendations for stunning colour combinations, help you determine the right number of bulbs for your space, and address any landscape or trade inquiries you might have.

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