Triumph Tulips

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Triumph Tulips

Triumph tulips, although not the true form of a tulip epitomise what we think of a tulip. These stunning flowers are among the most popular and classic varieties of tulips. They offer a spectacular display of vibrant colours with strong, sturdy blooms. An impressive range of hues, Triumph tulips are sure to add a touch of sophistication to any garden, park, or floral arrangement. Offering the potential for spectacular combinations of colours.

A mid season flowering tulip to flower in April. The stems will grow to around 40cm which is perfect for cut flowers. Cut the flowers just as they are beginning to show their colour in the bud.

How to grow Triumph Tulips

For successful growth and a successful flower display, proper planting and care are essential. When planting tulip bulbs, choose a well-draining location that receives full or partial sunlight. Prepare the soil by incorporating organic matter and ensure it is loose and free draining. Plant the bulbs in the autumn, about 12-15cm deep, with the pointed end facing upwards.

Water the newly planted bulbs thoroughly and then maintain a moderate level of moisture throughout their growth period. Avoid overwatering. Too much water can rot the delicate root system.

During the blooming period, deadhead faded flowers regularly to redirect the plant's energy towards bulb development. After the flowers have withered, allow the foliage to yellow and wither completely before removing it. This allows the bulb to store energy for the following year's growth.

Explore our wide selection of Triumph tulips and cultivate your personal colour mixes. And if you’re stuck for what to choose try our Triumph Tulip Mixture to discover new varieties. 


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