Botanical or Species Miniature Tulips

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  1. Tulip Aximensis Bulb
    Tulip Aximensis Bulb
    • £6.25 for 5
    • £28.75 for 25
  2. Tulip Bakeri Lilac Wonder
    Tulip Bakeri Lilac Wonder
    • £4.40 for 10
    • £17.00 for 50
    • £80.00 for 250
  3. Tulip Batalini Bright Gem Bulb
    Tulip Batalini Bright Gem Bulb
    • £4.00 for 10
    • £15.00 for 50
    • £70.00 for 250
  4. Tulip Batalini Bronze Charm
    Tulip Batalini Bronze Charm
    • £4.10 for 10
    • £15.50 for 50
    • £72.50 for 250
  5. Tulip Clusiana Chrysantha Bulb
    Tulip Clusiana Chrysantha Bulb
    • £2.10 for 10
    • £5.50 for 50
    • £22.50 for 250
  6. Tulip Clusiana Cynthia Bulb
    Tulip Clusiana Cynthia Bulb
    • £4.20 for 10
    • £16.00 for 50
    • £75.00 for 250
  7. Tulip Clusiana Lady Jane
    Tulip Clusiana Lady Jane
    • £5.60 for 10
    • £23.00 for 50
    • £110.00 for 250
  8. Tulip Clusiana Peppermint Stick Bulb
    Tulip Clusiana Peppermint Stick Bulb
    • £5.70 for 10
    • £23.50 for 50
    • £112.50 for 250
  9. Tulip Clusiana Stellata Bulb
    Tulip Clusiana Stellata Bulb
    • £4.70 for 10
    • £18.50 for 50
    • £87.50 for 250
  10. Tulip Danique
    Tulip Danique
    • £6.50 for 10
    • £27.50 for 50
    • £132.50 for 250
  11. Tulip Garden of Clusius
    Tulip Garden of Clusius
    • £6.20 for 10
    • £26.00 for 50
    • £125.00 for 250
  12. Tulip Heritage Acuminata Bulb
    Tulip Heritage Acuminata Bulb
    • £12.50 for 5
    • £60.00 for 25
  13. Tulip Hilde
    Tulip Hilde
    • £6.50 for 10
    • £27.50 for 50
    • £132.50 for 250
  14. Tulip Honky Tonk
    Tulip Honky Tonk
    • £4.30 for 10
    • £16.50 for 50
    • £77.50 for 250
  15. Tulip Humilis Eastern Star Bulb
    Tulip Humilis Eastern Star Bulb
    • £4.70 for 10
    • £18.50 for 50
    • £87.50 for 250
  16. Tulip Humilis Odalisque Bulb
    Tulip Humilis Odalisque Bulb
    • £3.90 for 10
    • £14.50 for 50
    • £67.50 for 250
  17. Tulip Kolpakowskiana Bulb
    Tulip Kolpakowskiana Bulb
    • £4.50 for 10
    • £17.50 for 50
    • £82.50 for 250
    Not in Season
  18. Tulip Little Beauty Bulb
    Tulip Little Beauty Bulb
    • £4.30 for 10
    • £16.50 for 50
    • £77.50 for 250
  19. Tulip Little Princess
    Tulip Little Princess
    • £4.60 for 10
    • £18.00 for 50
    • £85.00 for 250
  20. Tulip Lizzy
    Tulip Lizzy
    • £4.80 for 10
    • £19.00 for 50
    • £90.00 for 250
  21. Tulip Lucca
    Tulip Lucca
    • £6.50 for 10
    • £27.50 for 50
    • £132.50 for 250
  22. Tulip Praestans Shogun Bulb
    Tulip Praestans Shogun Bulb
    • £4.30 for 10
    • £16.50 for 50
    • £77.50 for 250
  23. Tulip Praestans Zwanenburg Variety Bulb
    Tulip Praestans Zwanenburg Variety Bulb
    • £4.30 for 10
    • £16.50 for 50
    • £77.50 for 250
  24. Tulip Samantha
    Tulip Samantha
    • £6.90 for 10
    • £29.50 for 50
    • £142.50 for 250
  25. Tulip Saxatilis
    Tulip Saxatilis
    • £3.50 for 10
    • £12.50 for 50
    • £57.50 for 250
  26. Tulip Sprengeri
    Tulip Sprengeri
    • £9.50 for 1
  27. Tulip Sylvestris (The Wild Tulip)
    Tulip Sylvestris (The Wild Tulip)
    • £4.80 for 10
    • £19.00 for 50
    • £90.00 for 250
  28. Tulip Tarda (Dasystemon) Bulb
    Tulip Tarda (Dasystemon) Bulb
    • £3.60 for 10
    • £13.00 for 50
    • £60.00 for 250
  29. Tulip Tulipa Mixture
    Tulip Tulipa Mixture
    • £4.60 for 10
    • £18.00 for 50
    • £85.00 for 250
  30. Tulip Turkestanica Bulb
    Tulip Turkestanica Bulb
    • £3.90 for 10
    • £14.50 for 50
    • £67.50 for 250
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Items 1-32 of 34

Set Descending Direction

These pretty Tulipa Miniature Tulips are classified as Botanical Tulip or Tulip Species.  Dwarf Tulips like these are ideal for rockeries, containers or garden borders with their star or bowl-shaped flowers peeking up from their low aspect. They are perennial tulips and will happily flower in the same place for a few years. 

We supply these miniature tulips in the top size available to give the best flowers. Bulb size 1.

Why should you choose miniature tulips?

Miniature Tulips, though small in stature, offer a mighty pop of charm and colour to any garden. These delightful blooms are a testament to the adage that great things come in small packages. Here’s why you should consider adding these enchanting tulips to your garden:

Perfect for Small Spaces: Miniature Tulips are ideal for those with limited garden space. Whether you have a compact urban garden, a charming cottage garden, or simply want to brighten up a balcony or patio. These tulips fit perfectly into smaller nooks and crannies, making the most of every inch.

Early Bloomers: Many of these tulips are often among the first to appear with the arrival of spring, bringing vibrant hues to your garden when most other plants are still waking up from their winter slumber. Their early blooming period is a joyful promise of the beauty that is yet to come.

Versatile Planting Options: Miniature Tulips are incredibly versatile. They thrive in rock gardens, alpine gardens, and containers. They also make a delightful underplanting beneath larger spring bulbs or perennials, adding layers of interest and colour to your planting schemes. Try them in lasagne planting schemes too.

Charming Variety: Available in a myriad of colours and patterns, Miniature Tulips can create a captivating mosaic of blooms. From delicate pastels to bold, fiery tones, these tulips can be mixed and matched to suit any garden design, offering endless possibilities for creative expression.

Low Maintenance: Like their larger counterparts, Miniature Tulips require minimal care. Plant them in well-draining soil with plenty of sunlight, and they will reward you with their delightful flowers year after year. They are perfect for both novice gardeners and those with a busy lifestyle who still want to enjoy the beauty of tulips without fuss.

Wildlife Friendly: These diminutive tulips are also a boon for wildlife, attracting early pollinators such as bees to your garden. By planting Miniature Tulips, you’re not just adding beauty to your garden but also supporting the local ecosystem.

In the words of the great gardeners, it’s the small touches that often make the biggest impact. By choosing Miniature Tulips, you embrace the delicate beauty and resilience that these flowers bring, turning even the smallest garden space into a vibrant tapestry of colour and life. So, let these little gems find a place in your heart and garden, and enjoy their captivating charm throughout the blooming season.

Stephen’s miniature tulip bulb top picks

Stephen Teeuw is the 3rd generation of his family to work in the flower bulb industry; he grows hundreds of varieties of new bulbs each year. Here are the miniature tulip bulbs that he would recommend you consider for your garden:

  • Bakeri Lilac Wonder: The biggest little tulip in this group, and reminiscent of historic tulips. An intense and cheery little flower. 
  • Clusiana Stellata: Long, tall and refined tulips in sweet pastel colours, this is an excellent flower that bursts into life in the spring sunshine
  • Sylvestris: A nodding tulip with a light scent. An exquisite shape perfect for wild gardens.

How to plant miniature tulip bulbs

Planting miniature tulip bulbs is a delightful and rewarding task that brings a splash of colour and charm to your garden. These diminutive beauties, with their delicate blooms and vibrant hues, are surprisingly easy to cultivate. Here’s how to plant miniature tulip bulbs to ensure a stunning display come spring:

Choose the Right Location: Miniature tulips, like their larger counterparts, thrive in well-drained soil and prefer a sunny spot. Whether you’re tucking them into a rock garden, a container, or a border, make sure they will receive plenty of sunlight to bloom their best.

Prepare the Soil: Before planting, loosen the soil to a depth of about 10-15 cm. Incorporate some organic matter, such as compost or well-rotted manure, to enrich the soil and improve drainage. This will provide the bulbs with the nutrients they need to establish strong roots and produce vibrant flowers.

Planting Depth and Spacing: Miniature tulip bulbs should be planted at a depth of about 8-10 cm, with the pointed end facing upwards. Space the bulbs approximately 5-10 cm apart. This close spacing will allow for a lush and colourful display, as these little tulips are happiest when they’re planted in groups.

Watering: After planting, give the bulbs a good watering to help them settle in. Throughout the growing season, ensure the soil remains moist but not waterlogged. Overwatering can lead to bulb rot, so it’s best to err on the side of caution and allow the soil to dry out slightly between waterings.

Mulching and Protection: Applying a layer of organic mulch, such as shredded bark or leaf mould, can help retain moisture and suppress weeds. It also provides a bit of extra insulation during colder months. In areas prone to severe frost, a thicker layer of mulch can protect the bulbs from freezing.

Post-Bloom Care: Once the tulips have finished blooming, allow the foliage to die back naturally. This process is crucial as the leaves photosynthesise and send energy back to the bulbs for next year’s growth. Resist the temptation to cut back the leaves too early; patience will reward you with healthy bulbs and even more magnificent blooms the following season. Deadhead the seed pods to keep the energy going back into the new bulbs.

Container Planting: If you’re planting in containers, choose a pot with good drainage holes and use a high-quality potting mix. Miniature tulips do exceptionally well in pots, making them perfect for brightening up patios, balconies, and other small outdoor spaces.

Why choose Peter Nyssen bulbs?

  • We are a friendly, family-run business with more than 60 years of experience
  • We offer bulk prices and free delivery for orders over £100
  • We supply flower bulbs in quantities large and small, for all types of gardeners from the cottage potterer to the professional landscaper 
  • With a range of colours and varieties available, you'll be spoilt for choice.


Can Miniature Tulips be planted in shaded areas?

While Miniature Tulips thrive best in full sunlight, they can tolerate partial shade. Planting them in an area that receives morning sun and afternoon shade can still yield beautiful blooms. However, avoid deep shade as it can limit their growth and flowering potential.

How do I prevent squirrels and other animals from digging up my Miniature Tulip bulbs?

To protect your Miniature Tulip bulbs from being dug up by squirrels and other animals, consider placing a layer of chicken wire or mesh over the planted area. You can also sprinkle repellent granules or use natural deterrents like crushed garlic or chilli powder around the planting site.

Are Miniature Tulips suitable for indoor forcing?

Yes, Miniature Tulips are excellent candidates for indoor forcing. To force bulbs indoors, plant them in pots with well-draining soil and place them in a cool, dark place for about 10-12 weeks. After this chilling period, move the pots to a sunny spot indoors, and they should begin to bloom within a few weeks.

Can Miniature Tulips be grown in rock gardens?

Miniature Tulips are ideal for rock gardens. Their small size and vibrant colours make them perfect for adding splashes of colour among rocks and gravel. Ensure the soil in your rock garden is well-drained to prevent waterlogging, which can cause bulb rot.

 How do I divide and replant Miniature Tulip bulbs?

Every few years, it’s a good idea to divide and replant your Miniature Tulip bulbs to maintain their vigour. After the foliage has died back in late spring or early summer, carefully dig up the bulbs. Separate the offsets (smaller bulbs) from the parent bulbs and replant them in the autumn. This process helps rejuvenate the plants and encourages more prolific blooming.

Need more help?

For the best results, it’s essential to plant your tulip bulbs under optimal conditions. For tips on enhancing the beauty of your tulips, check out our detailed tulip planting guide.

Please contact us if you have any questions. We’re here to assist with recommendations for stunning colour combinations, help you determine the right number of bulbs for your space, and address any landscape or trade inquiries you might have.

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