What to do with broken dahlia tubers and how to save them.

A broken dahlia, is it as bad as it looks?

One of the most incredible things about dahlias is their ability to repair and regenerate. If you have a few broken tubers on your dahlia, don't worry. They are such an awkward shape it's very common for some dahlias to arrive with bent limbs. The industry practice is just to cut them off. 

A difficult stucture

As a structure dahlias are designed to be in the ground and their swollen tubers that store nutrients are supported by the soil. When you lift them it is very easy for them to get bent out of shape but it doesn't mean that your tuber won't grow. 

Here we explain how to manage your damaged dahlias. Remember that these long hanging limbs are just a storage unit for the plant. Peter Nyssen offer over 250 varieties of dahlia and the tubers all have different shapes. 

Experience will often be the best way to tell if a tuber is worth saving. You can soak the tuber to see if the roots are able to provide nutrients to the plant. If the neck is firm then it will be ok to save, if not it is best to cut them off. 

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