Gardening Tips

Tulip Fire? Make sure you know what to do.

Tulip fire, caused by the fungus Botrytis tulipae, is a serious disease that affects tulip plants. It's important for gardeners, especially new ones, to be aware of this disease to protect their tulip bulbs and gardens. Let's explore what tulip fire is and how to deal with it effectively. What is Tulip Fire? Tulip fire is a fungal disease caused ...

Exploring Plants for Shady Gardens

Shady Spring Planting Shady Autumn PlantingSometimes we don't get to choose how much sun our gardens get. Trees are very important to us, but they can create a lot of challenges. The biggest is the shadows they cast.  Shady gardens can be a desirable asset with careful planting.  Shady gardens offer a unique opportunity to ...

How To Create A Wild Garden

Wild gardens and the allure of wildflowers in garden design seem idyllic. A successful wild garden can be an immersive experience. Plus, there are many benefits to cultivating a wild garden, including promoting biodiversity, attracting pollinators, and fostering a connection with nature.  Wild gardens are increasingly important when we think ...

How to use Peter Nyssen’s plants as bedding plants

Bedding plants would typically be thought of as annual plants. You can buy them from garden centres and plant them for an instant burst of colour. However, the concept of bedding plants can be expanded to perennials, bulbs and shrubs. Decide what you want from your beds and which plants you want to shine. Here are a few plants that work as great ...

Your Top 10 Dahlia Tubers for 2024

At Peter Nyssen we have a huge range of dahlias of all shapes and sizes.  This list includes the top dahlias our customers have been buying.  Keep up with the latest trends and impress your garden visitors with the hottest dahlias of the moment. ...

What to do with broken dahlia tubers and how to save them.

A broken dahlia, is it as bad as it looks? One of the most incredible things about dahlias is their ability to repair and regenerate. If you have a few broken tubers on your dahlia, don't worry. They are such an awkward shape it's very common for some dahlias to arrive with bent limbs. The industry practice is just to cut them off.  A ...

Winter Sanctuary: A Guide to Protecting Wildlife in Your Garden

As winter descends and temperatures drop, your garden becomes a critical haven for wildlife seeking refuge and sustenance. We understand the importance of creating a safe and welcoming environment for the creatures that share our outdoor spaces. In this guide, discover practical tips on how to protect and support wildlife during the winter months. ...

Compost dos and don'ts

Composting is the alchemy of the garden, transforming kitchen and garden waste into nutrient-rich gold for your plants. Creating the best compost requires a balance of ingredients, the right conditions, and a bit of patience.  Soil health is the foundation to any garden. It’s often unrealistic to buy top quality soil every season. A ...

How to keep your garden in bloom all summer long

Early spring, as daffodil and tulip bulbs are coming into bloom, is time to think about your next step in the garden. Summer flowering bulbs are available to order ready for planting in April so you can continue the long lasting flowering displays right up to  Autumn. To achieve a lasting and spectacular show, consider incorporating ...

Why you should plant snowdrops in the green

When it comes to planting bulbs, the tradition has been to do so in their dormant state during September to November. However, from experience our prefered method is planting bulbs in the green, particularly for snowdrops, bluebells, and eranthis. In this guide, we'll explore the unique beauty of these bulbs and delve into why planting in the green ...
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